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A successful workforce optimization strategy is a crucial ingredient that impacts overall service delivery efforts, customer interactions, employee morale, utilization, and productivity. To strike a perfect balance between constantly delivering superior customer experience and the effective use of available resources, contact centers must endure the complex interlinks between people, process, and technology.

Enabling contact centers to work smarter, not harder

Managing a virtual workforce in today’s “new normal” world of remote working comes with its own set of unique challenges. By adopting a technology-agnostic approach and focusing on analytics, Servion offers the best WFO methodology tuned to fit every business need and result in a win-win situation for business and agents.

Servion’s vendor-agnostic WFO implementation provides complete control over an organization’s ability to respond to fluctuating staffing requirements and production goals without compromising quality. It offers a comprehensive view of workforce utilization, allowing the organizations to schedule more effectively and adjust staffing levels as conditions demand. Servion offers vendor-agnostic WFO implementation services across all leading WFO technology providers: Nice, Verint, Avaya, Calabrio, Zoom, etc.

With an experience of having worked with over 150 contact centers across the globe and having implemented over 15,000 licenses, Servion offers a wide array of WFO services to maximize the quality and efficiency of a contact center.

  • WFO: Discovery & Design

    Analytics-led assessment services for existing WFO implementations

  • Vendor-agnostic WFO

    Implementation of leading WFO solutions from Nice, Verint, Avaya, Calabrio, Zoom, etc

  • Workforce management

    Predicting agent availability, shifts, and call routing

  • Performance management

    Ensuring the correct number of agents with the right skills at the right time

  • Speech & text analytics

    Best-in-class speech and text analytics to rapidly surface valuable insights

  • Quality monitoring

    Call and screen recording capabilities for quality assurance, evaluation, & training

  • CRM integrations

    A 360° view of all interactions against KPIs, using real-time dashboards

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