Humanlike Interactions Powered By Artificial IntelligenceVirtual Assistant

Automated self-service technologies have been revolutionizing the contact centers ever since the global COVID-19 pandemic. They take the pressure off your strained agent workforces in handling the massive influx of calls by allowing customers to swiftly find answers on their own and get quick responses to their common requests. Meanwhile, your agents can creatively handle tasks that may need a more human touch. That’s why most enterprises prefer self-service over human interaction.

AI-powered self-service agents

Servion’s Virtual Assistant solution is an intuitive, humanlike voice and chat agent that can simulate a live agent, right from initiating customer conversations to delivering information and taking actions on their behalf. It can also detect a customer’s emotions, perform transactions, and augment context and personalization while elevating the overall customer experience.

The Servion virtual assistant solution is based on Natural Language Processing (NLP). It automates proactive text and voice-based customer interactions through digital self-service channels like agent support, chat, consumer messaging apps, or SMS.

Servion’s self-service virtual assistants enable rich, natural, and conversational experiences that redefine the possibilities of AI capabilities.

  • Speech-based virtual interaction

    Combines conversational intelligence with humanlike natural dialogue

  • Humanlike intelligence

    Understands complex inquiries, ask clarifying questions, and personalize responses

  • Automatic speech recognition

    Powered by NLU and text-to-speech technology that navigates the callers

  • Smarter Learning

    Becomes smarter over time by learning from past and current live agent interactions

  • Bilingual

    Features a library of millions of conversations that cover many languages, accents, and ethnicities

  • Multichannel

    Offers a consistent customer experience in all digital channels, i.e., your website, app, text messaging applications

  • Customer Intent Mining

    Predicts customer intent with over 83% accuracy, ensuring better and faster call routing

  • Predictive analytics

    Captures and analyzes each conversation to deliver real time insights and personalized experience

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