ServEngage – Video Engagement Solution

Create immersive customer experiences with rich video engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated an already growing trend of businesses using video meeting solutions to elevate customer engagement. From telehealth physician visits to virtual property showings to remote bank tellers, video has become a permanent fixture in an evolved customer experience landscape. Yet many organizations struggle to integrate video as part of a unified, effortless, and personalized customer journey.

A Contextual Video Solution that Accelerates Engagement

ServEngage from Servion is a powerful video engagement solution that makes it easy for customers to connect with organizations in the context of their service journey (website, mobile app, kiosks, etc.). Customers can get started anytime with the click of a button using any device with a working Internet connection (laptop, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch).

The solution readily integrates with existing contact center platforms and digital channel systems (i.e. website, chatbots, mobile apps, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS) using open APIs and SDKs. ServEngage is built to complement your existing processes and technology stack while enhancing the way customers use video to interact, engage, and connect with your brand. The solution empowers agents to visually guide customers, offers personalized customer support, prevents unnecessary travel, and improves Net Promoter Score (NPS) with more than a dozen key features (listed below).

ServEngage is already used by banks to create a virtual branch experience, from customer authentication to document signing. The solution provides convenience, security and simplifies the customer onboarding process.


Instant Customer Onboarding

Rapid customer onboarding and engagement through instant connection via preferred channel(s)

Personal & Live Interactions

Improved emotional customer connection via personal, face-to-face interactions

First Call Resolution

Improved brand value, NPS, CSAT and first call resolution rates

Skills-based Routing

Higher first call resolution and reduced customer churn via skills-based routing

Low Customer Acquisition Cost

Proven to reduce customer acquisition cost by up to 90%

Paperless & Contactless

Reduced (if not eliminated) paperwork and no geographical constrains


  • High Quality Audio / Video

    (Replicate in-person meeting experience)

  • Kiosk & ATM Integrations

    (Deploy on self-service kiosks or ATMs, or on a computer)

  • Multiparty Calling

    (Get a third person into the video call)

  • Skill-Based Routing

    Skill-based and unified queue routing)

  • Use Any Device

    (Available anywhere, anytime, on any device)

  • Branded Customer Queue

    (Customized wait time treatments)

  • Call Recording

    (Training and Compliance purposes)

  • White-Labled User Experience

    (Professionally branded)

  • Hardware Integrations

    (Signature pads, document scanners, & printers)

  • Contact Center Integration

    (Integrate with leading contact center platforms)

  • Advisor Authentication

    (Authentication via LDAP or SAML/ADFS)

  • Post-Call Surveys

    (Surveys, Summary and Reporting)

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