Deliver channel-agnostic and consistent experience across the customer journeyOmni-Channel Customer Experience

Today’s customer journeys are nonlinear and unpredictable. Customers never follow a single predetermined route in their engagement with enterprises, and they often channel-jump mid-interaction, depending on their convenience and preferences. Whether they connect via traditional voice, IVR, online chat, email, social media, or text message, customers anticipate a consistent, uninterrupted, and seamless experience across all channels.

From multichannel to omnichannel

With the advent of an ever-growing array of digital channels, the ‘power to contact’ has shifted to the consumers. Customers now have an unprecedented number of touchpoints to engage with an enterprise. Regardless of what channel or touchpoints they use, customers expect their preferred brands to “know everything” about their current and past interactions and speed up a proper resolution without repeating themselves.

That’s why Servion has created a channel-agnostic customer engagement strategy, which integrates all channels to work together even if customers transition from online chat to a phone call. With a 360-degree view of the customer across channels, Servion empowers agents to support customers with highly relevant, personal, and timely information that they can act on at the moment.

Servion enables enterprises with a truly omnichannel customer experience through a bouquet of offerings. Powered by two decades of best practices across 1,000+ diverse customer implementations and strong IP platforms.

  • Customer Intent Mining

    Find micro-moments that customers are looking for

  • Predictive Analytics

    Delivers a data-driven, personalized experience through behavior & transaction analysis

  • Next Best Action

    Encourages better interactions in the right way with the most relevant content and offers

  • Speech Analytics

    Listens and analyzes every interaction to identify opportunities and room for improvements

  • Customer Churn Analytics

    Identifies early churn signals from potential attritors

  • Sentiment Analytics

    Translates hidden customer sentiments and feelings into business insights

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