Improve COVID-19 vaccine adoption and administrationCOVID-19 Vaccine-Digital Scheduling System

Use secure automation and AI to accelerate eligibility checks, appointment scheduling, appointment reminders, and follow-ups while combating misinformation that causes patient hesitancy.

The pressure is on for countries to vaccinate citizens against coronavirus as global cases continue to climb. Servion provides a complete COVID-19 contact center solution that enables healthcare providers, pharmacies, and government bodies to act faster and smarter during the end-to-end vaccine administration process - from patient outreach to resource coordination to appointment scheduling and follow-ups.

The solution is custom-built, integrates with all leading contact center platforms, and can be rapidly deployed on top of any existing on-premises or cloud contact center platform. Users can handle enormous COVID-19-related call volumes, prioritize care, and schedule vaccinations - all while reducing upfront infrastructure costs, ensuring scalability, and improving quality of service.

Intelligent Chatbots

Leverage Servion’s AI-powered chatbot solution to automate interactions across front-end channels like your website, user portals, and social media platforms. This intelligent chatbot helps triage incoming inquiries with the ability to handle everything from checking vaccination eligibility to real-time appointment scheduling - all while reducing wait times for customers (with 24x7 support) and freeing up live agents to handle more complex or urgent matters.

Conversational IVR

Servion’s AI-powered Conversational IVR solution can detect when calls are coming from a mobile device and deflect them to a digital self-service experience. Health organizations can deflect the most common questions about the COVID-19 vaccine to trusted resources (like a vaccine FAQ on their website or mobile app), ensuring patients get the information they need while keeping live agents focused on priority inquiries. If the caller declines the digital self-service experience, they’ll be automatically transferred to a live agent.

Proactive outbound notifications (voice and SMS)

Get people signed up for their vaccination fast by sending proactive notifications via outbound voice calls and SMS (text) messages for scheduling appointments, and ensure they follow through by sending appointment reminders and follow-ups. You can even send outbound messages to practitioners to coordinate resources for administering the vaccine. Health organizations can also use these notifications to send trusted sources of information about the vaccine to large groups of people in real-time, helping combat the spread of misinformation.

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