Leveraging Analytics for improved employee engagementAnalytics & Workforce Engagement

Enterprises that are looking to compete effectively require a comprehensive contact center approach that leverages operations, customer and employee analytics.

Most suffer from the lack of appropriate resources required to perform in-depth analytics. At best, reporting tools masquerade as analytics, describing just the current state with no actionable insights.

Servion helps enterprises by introducing potent, domain specific analytics tools to drive better customer and employee experience. Servion has become a partner of choice for enterprises that aspire to transform themselves into agile, digitally-savvy and data-driven customer and employee engagement hubs. With Servion's advanced analytics and workforce engagement capabilities, they have been able to stay ahead of the curve.

Contact Center Analytics

Most enterprise analytics solutions are not viable for contact centers for many reasons. Simply put, they are expensive, resource intensive and are not built keeping in mind the needs of contact centers. Servion enables contact centers with an array of offerings from standard dashboards to prescriptive analytics. Some of these include operational analytics, real-time dashboards, next best action analysis, historical reporting, and customer effort score analysis.

Workforce Engagement

Accessibility and time bound service to customers are the most important weapons in the customer experience arsenal. If contact centers desire to deliver an outstanding customer experience they must start focusing on the ways and means to improve agent productivity and performance. Servion can help design an employee performance management system that balances efficiency and engagement. Our workforce engagement solution includes customer journey analytics, speech interaction analytics, quality management, performance management, workforce management and call recording.

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